In 2010, while teaching as a primary school physical education teacher in Adelaide, Ash discovered a number of people who excelled in their chosen field identified gratitude & happiness as the key to their success/achievement.

Through further investigation he discovered an entire world he didn’t know existed. This was the world of positive psychology. His greatest learning was that resilience and happiness is something you can actually practice. After personal break throughs in his own life, he realised he could have learnt the skills he developed in primary school.

Ash left primary school teaching and decided to combine his skills as a teacher with the principles he learned that lead to his break throughs and created Growing With Gratitude. A global positive education/wellbeing program that helps to build and protect children’s mental wellbeing.

Since 2014 Ash has been obsessed with helping schools set up their whole school approach to positive education and businesses set up their organisational approach to well-being.

Growing With Gratitude focuses on teaching people skills based on gratitude, kindness, empathy, positive reflection & serving others, they key building blocks to resilience & happiness.

Today, Ash is widely regarded as a leader in positive education. Growing With Gratitude literally reaches 100’s of thousands of students across the globe and is currently accessed in 45 countries.

As a result of Growing With Gratitude’s success, GWG now also runs leadership programs in schools, has a High School version, Multi-Sports program, a corporate that focuses on connected leadership & also works with sports clubs.