How to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong and it be a happy and fun place to be

How to create a work environment where everyone feels like they belong and it be a happy and fun place

Have you ever felt like you “just don’t belong here”? Or perhaps you’ve noticed others feel that. Or have you ever dreaded going to work because it’s just not a fun and happy place to be? As a result, has this feeling impacted your mental well-being and productivity? You also may have seen it impact others.

Two human needs at work are – people want to feel like we belong and they want to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

As leaders it is our responsibility to place people first. A key in making this happening is creating a culture where people feel they belong and where the workplace is a fun and happy place to be.

Through an engaging, interactive and entertaining session, Ash will show you how to create a culture based on gratitude empathy, positive reflection, self-awareness and ownership. The great news? These are skills that can be practised. Combined, these are lethal skills that can shape your teams and organisation. There is a solution!

In this powerful session you will learn:

  • The power of Gratitude + the 4 Pillars and the purpose behind practise
  • How to action Gratitude + the 4 Pillars
  • The 2 secret – game changing support systems

Ideal audiences:

  • Corporate / Workplace Teams
  • CEO’s, C-Suite,
  • Entrepreneurs & Leaders Businesses

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