January 26, 2022

This episode is packed full of passion, featuring fantastic actionable ideas and student stories. Whether, you are a high or primary school educator there is something for everyone. Colette shares:

More About Colette

Colette Bos is in 2022 an Assistant Principal at Roma Mitchell Secondary College but her roles have also been:

Director of Inclusion, Henley High School

Principal of Salisbury North R-7 School and was instrumental in leading and implementing positive education throughout Mark Oliphant B-12 College.

Colette is passionate about embedding positive education throughout all curriculum areas and ensuring it is not seen as an add-on. In her roles, she used research and evidence to enable her to ‘think outside the square’ to embed Positive Education in education in context for all children and young people including refugee children with limited English and those experiencing trauma.

She has previous experience as a School Counsellor R-12 and a Youth Development Coordinator across the Northern Adelaide Region where she focused on a strengths-based approach and the importance of the student voice.

In 2016, Colette worked in the Department of Education and Child Development’s Student Engagement and Wellbeing Unit to focus on pedagogy and wellbeing and the balance between wellbeing for learning and learning for wellbeing.

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