Ben is Head of Wellbeing at St Peter’s College Junior School in Adelaide, South Australia. St Peter’s is one of the leading Positive Education Schools in the world. I am super excited to have Ben on the Podcast. A must listen for all school leaders and teachers who are looking to implement or improve upon their current programs.  

In this episode with Ben, we dive into:
– keys to setting up a positive education program across the whole school
– the importance of choosing a framework and then bringing in programs to support the framework
– the challenges of setting up a wellbeing program
– why it’s important to individualise wellbeing strategies
– the importance of training teachers.

More About Ben:
Ben Storer grew up a passionate sportsperson. However, Ben had a change of focus when his Father passed away and has own diagnosis of a heart condition. As a result, Ben was asked to coach sports teams instead of play and it was here he realised his passion for education.

Ben began his teaching career in 2003 and since this time has held positions as a class teacher, Assistant Boarding Housemaster and Assistant Head of Junior School in Schools in the UK and Adelaide, South Australia. 

Ben joined St Peter’s College (Adelaide, South Australia) as a year 6 teacher in 2012 and undertook training in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Further highlights include: a Professional Certificate in Positive Education with the University of Melbourne and co-presenting at state and national Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) conferences.

Ben currently holds the position of Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration at St Peter’s College.

When he isn’t spending time with family and friends, Ben can be found coaching sports teams, meditating, stuck in various yoga poses or out in the garden as a newly converted green thumb.

You can contact Ben and follow him here:

Website: Well-being and Pastoral Care at St Peter’s

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