Dr. Gilda Scarfe is the founder and CEO of Positive Ed and Mental Toughness Institute, member on the advisory board of the Global Flourishing Study led by Harvard University in collaboration with Baylor University. Gilda is a positive psychologist and mental toughness expert with a Master in Education and Doctorate in the conceptualization and application of mental toughness in education.

In this episode with Gilda we dive into:

More About Gilda

Gilda specialises in the design and implementation of wellbeing and mental toughness in learning, decision-making, quality of relationships, performance, and organizational climate; measuring mental toughness; and the influence of mental toughness training on key life outcomes. She has authored numerous peer-reviewed books and journal articles and presently sits on the editorial boards of a number of international peer reviewed journals.

Gilda is an international keynote speaker and consults around the world with school and Fortune 500 companies on best practices for integrating wellbeing, mental toughness and positive psychology domains into training and product design. Her vision is to empower individuals to fulfil their potential through human-centred, whole-person leadership, promoting sustainable flourishing across micro, meso, and macro levels.

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