This chat with Kevin is super interesting. Kevin is principal of Everton primary school in rural Victoria, a school with 7 students. Everton is a town of approximately 200 people and is located 272km north east of Melbourne. The closest town being Wangaratta. I wanted to talk to Kevin about what life is like at a tiny rural school. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

In this episode with Kevin we dive into:

– The positives and challenges about being principal of a tiny school
– The impact COVID had on a tiny Victorian rural community / school, when COVID wasn’t an issue in Everton
– Implementing wellbeing into a school with 7 students and a variety of ages
– The important role a school plays in a small community
– The challenges of being a principal at a tiny school you may not have thought of
Plus much more…

More About Kevin

Kevin is part of a busy, active family. His wife Kerry is an accountant and CEO of all family portfolios; daughter Emma is completing VCE studies (and driving!), Archer 16 yr old talented soccer player and fishing and camping expert, and youngest Patrick has just started secondary school, plays representative soccer and has caught more fish than his brother this year. His sons’ drive and engagement for soccer and the outdoors has led to him lacing up the boots for the Over 35s, and spending time both on and in the Ovens river.

Rural communities have always played a formative part of Kevin’s growth and attitude, having played various sports at nearby townships to his home at Wangaratta including Tarra, Violet Town, Whorouly, Everton and wider districts. The warm welcoming nature of the clubs that put a major focus on arvo tea, and having a laugh with team mates and the opposition, was a major draw card.

A tennis coaching side hustle led to teaching degree at CSU during his late 20’s and has worked at many schools around the Wangaratta area in a variety of roles, having worked the last 5 years at Everton Primary School, a boutique small school, as a teaching Principal. Kevin also enjoys participating in programs that have a wider influence such as being an active member of his Ovens Learning Cluster, leading a Community of Practice that focuses on Trauma Informed Practice in schools and is currently the Treasurer for the Country Education Partnership.

You can reach Kevin here:

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