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More About Shane Baker

Shane has been a teacher, a bureaucrat, a school principal, a system leader in regional WA and now semi-retired but remains committed to promoting well-being with schools, leaders in schools and in recent times, establishing an Alumni of past principals that has as its central focus – wellbeing for those that have moved on from the principal role. 

Wellbeing Focus

Shane began to experience the principalship as an increasingly complex role as he moved through the years and different size schools in his career. So he decided to do something about it then and today he continues with this work. 
Shane is known for innovation and for being an agent of change. One of his coaching principals is “change is inevitable”. These  would be the hallmarks of his career – developing staff using a project based approach saw him introduce on-site childcare to schools; school based health services for students, a staff well-being framework and structures for developing leaders

Shane says he needed to better understand what was happening which meant further study and training opportunities which included QELI 2016 scholarship and taking part in a CEWA tour of USA and Canada in 2018.

Even after completing two Masters in Education and Leadership 1996 and 2004 leading to PhD candidature but upon returning back to schools after 3 years working in Head Office he realised that he needed to do more work to understand what was going on with people and their needs.

Shane’s business also has a focus on helping people transition to retirement and some supervision work with religious orders which is a recent initiative in the wellbeing space for them.

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