In this episode with Dale and Ash we dive into:

More About Dale Sidebottom

Dale Sidebottom has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the teaching world. With his love of play, fun fitness, energy and passion for getting people moving, Dale is the created of Jugar Life, Energetic Education, Learning with Games, and the top rating educational podcast Energetic Radio. Dale has created a unique blend of fun, teamwork, wellness and movement into his keynotes, seminars and conferences which he has presented in 20 countries around the world for students and teachers.

You can contact Dale and follow him here:

Websites: |
TEDx Talk: Dale’s TEDx Talk
Instagram: @energeticeducation

More About Ash Manuel

Ash is host of this podcast. In 2010, while teaching as a primary school physical education teacher in Adelaide, Ash discovered his most significant learning. Resilience, grit and happiness can be practised – in the same way, skills in a sport can be practised. As a result Growing With Gratitude was born. Growing With Gratitude focuses on teaching children skills based on gratitude, kindness, empathy, positive reflection & serving others, the critical building blocks to resilience, grit & happiness. Today, Ash is widely regarded as a leader in primary school positive education. In 2021, Growing With Gratitude won the Innovation into Mental Health, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Award at the South Australian Community Achievement Awards. GWG offers whole school presentations, in-class sessions, student and staff workshops and online programs. Growing With Gratitude reaches 100’s of thousands of students across the globe and is currently accessed in 45 countries. 

You can contact Ash and follow him here:

Websites: |
Instagram: @growingwithgratitude

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