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More About Jarrad Tait

Jarrad is the visionary founder and co-director of Adelaide Hills Lawns & Gardens (AHLG), a leading landscaping and garden maintenance company renowned through SA for its commitment to providing excellence in the landscaping and horticulture spaces, as well as the well-being and happiness of its team members.

Along with his close mate and business partner, Luke Timmins, Jarrad has not only built a successful team who transform and maintain outdoor spaces across Adelaide and in particular, the Adelaide Hills, but has also cultivated a workplace culture that places a premium on the mental and emotional well-being of their team, which is evident in their company purpose of ‘Making Life Better’.

Beyond being a business leader, Jarrad is known by many for his unwavering support of his team. He understands the importance of fostering a positive workplace environment, placing emphasis on open communication and mutual respect. Additionally, Jarrad is a big advocate for mental health awareness, implementing programs within the company to support the well-being of the AHLG team.

Under his guidance, AHLG continues to flourish, creating and maintaining outdoor spaces that stand as testaments to both their landscaping and gardening expertise and a rare but enormous commitment to the welfare of those who bring their vision to life.


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