In this episode with John we dive into:

More About John  Kelly
John Kelly is the proud owner and general director of a boutique Kinder and Primary school in Mexico City, known for its innovative educational approach. They also work as a Metaverse and VR consultant globally, contributing to educational advancements. Their school, Colegio Ikigai, is recognised as the first in Mexico to embrace the Metaverse and is influenced by Phenomenon Based Learning from Finland. The person is dedicated to exploring new leadership and teaching methods and aims to bring about positive changes in education, emphasising critical thinking and creativity. They prioritise skills development and are passionate about transformative educational projects, envisioning a hyper-personalised, free, and high-quality global education system. The individual is particularly interested in Metaverse, blockchain, and NFT projects that can revolutionise learning environments. Being a loving husband and devoted father brings them immense pride, and they express gratitude for the impact they make on their family and the educational community.


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