November 10, 2021

Episode #3: Craig Scott | How to Create the Best Junior Sports Club in Australia

If you are involved in any type of Sporting Club, this episode is a MUST listen.
In this episode I am talking with Craig Scott, President of the Goodwood Saints Football Club in South Australia. In 2020 the club was awarded the Good Sports National Junior Club of the year and was also runner up as a whole club in 2021. They have also received numerous other awards. The reason I wanted to get Craig on the podcast early on is because this man drives a club that focuses on the whole person. They are all about inclusion (they actually do it and not just use the word), the mental well-being of it’s players, past players and support staff. As a club, they fully understand their role as not JUST a Football Club, but as a club that develops the whole person starting right from the youngest teams. In this episode we take you through the steps and initiatives you can implement at your club. Is cost an issue? We go through how to navigate this too.

More About Craig
Craig is a well-known driving force behind the Goodwood Saints Football Club. Currently in his fifth year as president, his vision and guidance has seen the development of a female football program, as well as the SANFL Inclusive League, which ensures players with integration difficulties – including mental and physical disabilities – are entirely integrated into the club.
Craig’s strong advocacy for social justice issues is reflected by work undertaken at the club. He’s implemented opportunities for the homeless from the Hutt Street Centre, and supported causes like the Red Shield Appeal, breast cancer and Mental Health education. Outside the football club community and since 1994, Craig has been involved in Operation Flinders, a program aimed at supporting at-risk youth. His empowering nature and leadership abilities have enabled him to create a strong, healthy and more resilient community.
He was awarded the South Australia – Citizen of the Year Award 2021 at the Australia Day Awards in February and was also a finalist in the Australian of the Year – Local Hero 2021.

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