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More About Aimee Parkinson

After spending over 12 years in the education system as both a school leader and educator, Aimee saw first-hand how the wellbeing of staff easily becomes a low-level priority when other pressing matters demand attention. Along with these experiences, she combined her Masters of Educational Leadership, Health and Wellness Coaching Professional Certificate, Accredited Practitioner Credentials with Work of Wellbeing and research gained from hosting The Wonders of Wellbeing Podcast, to create Well-Nest. Aimee’s vision is to plant wellbeing at the heart of who schools are and what they do. The fast-paced world of education is a complicated, dynamic and interconnected system. Well-Nest takes a holistic, evidence-based approach to support staff wellbeing in schools. They are dedicated to long-term solutions to support the growth and development of flourishing school cultures.


Podcast: Wonders of Wellbeing

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