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More About David

David Kolpak is the Principal at Trinity College North School (EY-10). Prior to this, he was Head of Junior Years at St Peter’s College. In his leadership roles, David has been responsible for the design and delivery of Positive Education programs and wellbeing initiatives delivered to students from Early Learning to Year 10, working with his teams to develop the scope and sequence of programs taught between the ages of 3 and 16 and ensuring that the principles of positive psychology are embedded across all curriculum areas. 

With over 30 years’ experience as a leader and teacher, David has established himself as a quality educator and speaker on Positive Education and Wellbeing and has been invited to present his work at numerous national and international conferences including the Positive Education Schools Association, the Positive Schools conference and the International Positive Psychology Association World Congress. As a facilitator of Professor Lea Waters’ Visible Wellbeing program, David is able to utilise his passion for a whole school approach to wellbeing, making sure all aspects of school life are underpinned by the principles of Positive Psychology.

Keen to share his work, David has authored several Character Strength iBooks which are freely available to use in the classroom. David’s passion for bringing out the best in staff and students is evident in his school-based leadership and teaching roles together with his wider roles as a speaker and leader in the field.

iBooks on Strengths: CourageHumanityWisdom

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