November 17, 2021

Episode #4: Dana Kerford | The World’s Leading Child Friendship Expert

If you are a teacher or a sports coach who struggles with dealing with friendship issues, then this is a must listen. In this episode I talk with Dana Kerford, founder of Urstrong. A well-being program that aims to create a kinder world by empowering kids with friendship skills. We go into how to cultivate friendships, how to deal with “friendship fires” and much more. So many takeaways for you to apply.

More About Dana
After starting her career as a 4th grade teacher in Canada, Dana began to recognize the complexity of childhood friendships. Motivated to create cultures of kindness in schools, Dana launched a first-of-its-kind friendship program in 2009. Since then, URSTRONG’s whole-school friendship strategy has improved the social climate in schools globally, connecting over 1 million kids, parents, & teachers with a common language of friendship.

Dana is the go-to expert on childhood friendships and has presented at education conferences around the world.

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