November 24, 2021

Episode #6 | John Mannion – Insights from SA’s newest Mental Health commissioner & director of breakthrough mental health

In this is a must listen for educators and sports clubs who want to understand more about the state of wellbeing amongst our young people and the role you can play. Lot’s of takeaways to apply. Also, be sure to check out how you can do the mental health first aid course. Click here for more info.  this episode I talk with John Mannion, South Australia’s newest Mental Health Commissioner and Executive Director of Breakthrough. Australia’s only foundation dedicated solely to mental health research. In this must listen conversation we discuss:

  • the state mental wellbeing of young people across Australia
  • simple ways teachers can support the mental wellbeing of their students
  • sports clubs and their role in wellbeing
  • challenges we face tackling wellbeing
  • mental health first aid

More About John
John Mannion is the inaugural Executive Director of Breakthrough – Australia’s only foundation dedicated solely to mental health research. John’s career in mental health has spanned more than 30 years including as a practitioner as well as leading mental health services across the state.

John led the establishment of Breakthrough in 2018 which this year alone funded more than 20 leading research projects across all the state’s universities. These included projects in the areas of youth mental health, depression, indigenous mental health and eating disorders.

He has also been appointed the state’s newest Mental Health Commissioner. The role will be in addition to his commitment as Executive Director for Breakthrough where he looks forward to creating a life free of mental illness by focusing upon research to inform clinical improvements, enhanced outcomes and community connectivity.

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