January 20, 2022

Episode #9 | Damien Tofan – The Importance of Using Sport to Bring People Together, So People Feel They Belong and are Connected

This episode is very humorous. Find out why the SCUM ran out onto the ground in tin foil hats and with their pets. The episode also highlights the important role sport plays in the mental wellbeing of people and the power it has to bring people together, no matter how young or old and no matter your level of skill. Could sporting clubs be the antidote for loneliness and be the ultimate destination to build connection and a sense of belonging? ‘Coach’ of Adelaide Uni Football Club’s ‘F Grade’ shares:

More About Damien

Damien is ‘Coach’ of Adelaide Uni Football Club’s ‘F Grade’ known affectionately as the SCUM. He’s the ultimate connector and has this amazing ability to bring people together, so they feel they are included and feel they belong.

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