EPISODE #24 | Shane Baker – Leading For Wellbeing​

In this episode with Shane we dive into:

The challenges that principals encounter that staff and parents may not realise.
Advice for young principals on ways to support staff.
Setting up a support network system for teachers and for school leaders.
Tips for principal wellbeing and how he handled stress / challenges.
Wellbeing prevention strategies for principals.

EPISODE #23 | Valerie Groth – ​How and Why I Started a School

In this conversation with Val you’ll be inspired to action on your BIG idea. This is a heart warming and motivating episode that will inspire you to take action.
In this episode with Val we dive into:

– What Val’s motivation was to start a school
– The process of actually starting a school
– How students came to be at Ryan Banks Academy
– How she came to be on the Ellen Show

Episode #20 | Kevin Hill – Life at a Tiny Rural School With 7 Students

This chat with Kevin is super interesting. Kevin is principal of Everton primary school in rural Victoria, a school with 7 students. Everton is a town of approximately 200 people and is located 272km north east of Melbourne. The closest town being Wangaratta. I wanted to talk to Kevin about what life is like at a tiny rural school. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

Episode #18 With Gilda Scarfe – Insights into Teacher Wellbeing from Around the World

Dr. Gilda Scarfe is the founder and CEO of Positive Ed and Mental Toughness Institute, member on the advisory board of the Global Flourishing Study led by Harvard University in collaboration with Baylor University. Gilda is a positive psychologist and mental toughness expert with a Master in Education and Doctorate in the conceptualization and application of mental toughness in education.

Episode #17 With Ash Manuel – The Growing With Gratitude Book is Now Available

Ash is the founder of Growing With Gratitude, the host of this podcast and newly published author. 

In this episode with we dive into:
– how GWG and the book came about
– what you can expect from the book and what you will take away

More About Ash
Ash has over 20 years’ experience working in education environments and advocating for a
culture of positivity and kindness.

He is the Founder of the Growing with Gratitude program that helps schools and organisations develop better cultures
and atmospheres that support mental health and wellbeing.

You can contact Ash and get your copy of the book here here:

Book: growingwithgratitude.com.au/book/ | Amazon | Booktopia
Victorian Government Schools Mental Health Menu: Growing With Gratitude
Facebook: facebook.com/growingwithgratitude
Instagram: @growingwithgratitude
Linkedin: Ash Manuel
Email: info@growingwithgratitude.com.au

Episode #16 With Josh Connell – The Danny Frawley Centre For Mental Health​

Josh is a Teacher, and currently the Community Programs Manager for the Danny Frawley Centre and the St Kilda Football Club. 

In this episode with Josh, we dive into:
– the role professional sporting organisations can play in the mental wellbeing space
– the Danny Frawley Centre and it’s purpose
– the 4 pillars the Danny Frawley Centre focuses on
– the ‘for good’ a professional sporting club can play in the community
Plus a heap more

More About Josh
Josh started his career at the AFL, working with remote indigenousness communities on driving social change through Australian Rules Football.

After completing his grad year in teaching Josh pursued his passion for harnessing the power of sport as the vehicle to improve community health outcomes, particularly around Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Continuing his career in the AFL sector, setting up and implementing a successful suicide prevention pilot program for local sports clubs and is now the community programs manager for the newly established Danny Frawley Centre.

You can contact Josh and follow the Danny Frawley Centre here:
Facebook: facebook.com/dannyfrawleycentre
Instagram: @dannyfrawleycentre
Linkedin: Josh Connell
Email: hello@dannyfrawleycentre.com.au
Website: dannyfrawleycentre.com.au