EPISODE 33 | Casey Grice – Professional Sports and Community Responsibility

In this episode with Casey we dive into:
The role professional sports as an industry can play in the mental health space, i.e. school programs, out in the community, etc | Using a huge brand to do good |The influence of role models | The Crows Foundation Vision: Strong community connection building a better future for children and youth in South Australia – what this looks like

EPISODE 32 | Mona Farroukh – Implementing Wellbeing in a School of 3000 Students

In this is episode with Mona we dive into:
How Mona and her team implement wellbeing into the curriculum through 40 assets |
The World’s Biggest Gratitude lesson and its lasting impact |
The power of showing gratitude |
Tips for teachers on how to include gratitude into the classroom and across the school |
Al Ansar’s wellbeing theme days|
Is learning from other schools under utilised? |
The parent “Happiness Room”

EPISODE 31 | Peter Malinauskas – The Premier of South Australia

In this episode with Peter we dive into:
How Peter looks after his own wellbeing within a hectic lifestyle,
His decision-making process when faced with a tough decision and how he weighs up different factors and perspectives,
Preventative Vs Reactive approaches to mental wellbeing,
Empathetic leadership,
How he handles and thinks about criticism,
How he and his wife Annabel think about parenting

EPISODE 29 | John Kelly – The Metaverse & Project Based Learning

In this episode we dive into
– How John started a school that he wanted to see
– How to use the Metaverse in project based learning
– The benefits of learning in the Metaverse
– How you can get started with using the Metaverse in project based learning
– Why removing exams can enhance wellbeing

EPISODE #24 | Shane Baker – Leading For Wellbeing​

In this episode with Shane we dive into:

The challenges that principals encounter that staff and parents may not realise.
Advice for young principals on ways to support staff.
Setting up a support network system for teachers and for school leaders.
Tips for principal wellbeing and how he handled stress / challenges.
Wellbeing prevention strategies for principals.