School Leaders & Teachers

The 4 step what to do formula

The step by step formula you can use to set up your whole school approach to 
positive education / well-being

Since 2014 I have been obsessed with helping schools set up their whole school approach to positive education / well-being. We’ve worked with 800+ schools and we will share with you what we’ve found works. The main focus will be on step 4. How it looks in the classroom, around the school and the why.

We will reveal the Top 5 Ideas to Execute when setting up your whole school approach.

In this powerful session you will learn:

  • The 4 step formula that teaches you how to execute your whole school well-being program
  • The top 5 ideas to execute
  • Practical activities to use with staff and students
  • An action plan that you can implement straight away

Ideal audiences:

  • Principal Conferences
  • School Partnership Days
  • School Leaders
  • Well-being Co-ordinators
  • Teachers


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