In 2010, while teaching as a primary school physical education teacher in Adelaide, Ash discovered a number of people who excelled in their chosen field identified gratitude & happiness as the key to their success/achievement.

Through further investigation he discovered an entire world he didn’t know existed. This was the world of positive psychology. His greatest learning was that resilience and happiness is something you can actually practice. After personal break throughs in his own life, he realised he could show others ways they can work more effectively in teams and also move forward from challenges.

It’s good to know what gratitude is, but that means nothing UNLESS you practice.

So, in 2014 Ash combined his skills as a teacher with the principles he learned that lead to his break throughs and created Growing With Gratitude (GWG). A global positive education/well-being program that helps to build and protect people’s mental well-being. Ever since he has been obsessed with helping people learn skills he wished he learned when he was younger.

GWG shows how corporate / workplace teams can stay connected. This is done by teaching Gratitude + the 4 Pillars – Empathy, Positive Reflection, Self-Awareness and Ownership. Not knowing just what they mean, but actually showing them how to use the skills at work and if their personal lives.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to belong at work. We all do.

Today, Ash is widely regarded as a leader in positive education. Growing With Gratitude reaches 100’s of thousands of people across the globe and is currently accessed or has been presented in 45 countries.

Other GWG programs include: online school programs, teacher training, student in-class sessions and workshops, leadership programs in schools, Multi-Sports program, a corporate that focuses on connected leadership & also sports clubs.

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